Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hello, everyone!

These are the last few days to vote for me to win All You Magazine's America's Smartest Shopper contest!  If you are a new voter, here is what you do:

Step 2.  Click "Vote" below the super embarrassing video that I made... 
Step 3. Enter in your email address on the page that opens. Make sure my name is selected, un-check the box under the Newsletter part if you don't want daily messages from them.  Then select "No thanks, I don't want to subscribe...." unless you DO want to.  Enter in the "CAPTCHA" words then SUBMIT!!  (You will get a confirmation email later on, just click on the link in it to confirm your vote.  If you don't, your vote won't count!!  You should only have to do this once, I think.)
Step 4.  Take yourself out for a stiff drink since you just helped me out!
Step 5. Repeat tomorrow. And the next day.  And the day after that.  Voting ends 5/24 at 11:59pm. 

I am *hoping* that I win- I am in first so far unless the lady in second has a sneak attack that she is planning on the last day in which case you will have to call 911 because I will have a heart attack.  

I have also been getting some updated info from different Walmart stores in the area so I am working on updating the comp rules pages.  I will let you know when I get more info!

Anyway, I think that is it for now! Happy Shopping (and I hope you have a great long weekend!)

*** Don't forget to vote for me to win the "America's Smartest Shopper" contest from All You Magazine! You can vote daily through May 24th at
Comp List 5/22-5/28 (PDF)
Comp List 5/22-5/28 (Excel)

Our Ad Match Guarantee
Store Locations
What Are The Comp Rules At My Store? (I am working on updating this)
Sample Grocery List

Moons (5/22-5/28):

Apple Market (5/22-5/28):     

Baldwin City Market (5/22-5/28):




Marigene said...

Thanks again, Emily!

Anonymous said...

Love your comp list girls at the bank find it very useful. Thanks for sharing.