Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Comp List 5/29-6/04

Hello, everyone!

Thank you so much for voting for me in the All You contest.  I did get an email a day before the contest ended saying this: 

"After the voting ends, our judges will decide which finalist will be crowned America's Smartest Shopper (of course taking into account the number of votes each one has received!) and who the two runners-up will be. You will be contacted with more information in the next few weeks, but the winner will be contacted at the end of June."

So, I have to be patient and wait until the end of June to see if I won.  But thank you for all you have done to help me (hopefully) win the contest!

I am also trying to get the word out about a garage sale this weekend.  My friend Courtney and I are having a garage sale at her house (1432 Pin Oak Circle in Ottawa) on Saturday, June 1st from 8 - 1 (or whenever all of our junk is gone).  We have some large items (A treadmill, a HUGE 4-piece Winners Only "L" shaped Desk, a twin mattress with box springs and frame) and some smaller items (dishes, home decor, junior's, women's and maternity clothing) and lots of in-between! So come find some goodies!

Happy shopping!


Moons (5/29-6/04):
Baldwin City Market (5/29-6/04):
Walgreens (5/26-6/01):

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Marigene said...

Thanks for making shopping a little easier...