Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Comp List 6/05-6/11

Hello, everyone! 

First things first... I have news: I WON! I have been "crowned" as the winner in All You Magazine's "America's Smartest Shopper" contest! Woohoo! I owe a big thank you to everyone who voted.  I had 50,920 votes (50,800 if you exclude my own votes- haha).  I will be stuffed somewhere in the September issue of All You and I have won $1,000.  Thank you, everyone! 

Next week the list may be a bit later than usual.  We are having our family pictures taken by Aundrea Shafer from A Shafer Photography ( and so I will be working on the comp list in between having hair and make-up done, getting 2 children ready and having pictures taken.  I am so excited!!  As usual, it will be posted on my blog, Facebook, Twitter and sent out to the Yahoo! Group before I start sending it out manually.  So if you want to get it early you might want to try one of those options!

I also spoke with the store manager for the Walmart here in Ottawa.  I haven't heard the "official" word yet, but I am guessing they are going to start enforcing the limit listed in the ads to help keep items in stock.  So, if you are price comping an item from Walgreens and there is a limit of 5, Walmart will start enforcing that limit.  Again, this is not the official word just yet but you might plan on it happening here soon.  I asked him if he was considering limiting ALL items like the Iola Walmart has started doing (they limit you to 3 of each comp item).  He said no, that is not part of the corporate policy so he cannot do that.  So, if we end up just getting limited to what the ads say I would say we are still doing pretty well!

I will also work on sending out "invitations" for everyone to join my Yahoo! Group.  If you join this, you will get the comp list literally like 2 minutes after I am done with it! NO WAITING! Woohoo! You can still see my messages I type each week and the comp list will still be sent as an attachment.  You can also sign up by going to my blog and signing up on the right hand side at the top.  If you join the group and LOVE It like I know you will, send me a message so I can remove you from my "manually" sent list.  

One last thing- are you a fan of freebies?? (Who ISN'T?)  Here is a list of 55 things you can get for free on your birthday:

Happy Comp List Day!

Comp List 6/05-6/11 (PDF)
Comp List 6/05-6/11 (Excel)

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What are the comp rules at my store?
Sample Grocery List
Moons (6/05-6/11):
Checkers (6/05-6/11):
Baldwin City Market (6/05-6/11):
Walgreens (6/02-6/08):


Anonymous said...

I usually shop at the Iola store and have a question. For example, if you are comping the Libby's canned vegetables, can you comp a total of 3 items or 3 cans of corn and 3 cans of green beans and 3 cans of peas? Every time I have gone, they have let me do it different....Thanks!

Anonymous said...

PDF does not work

Marigene said...

Congrats on the win! Thanks for doing all the hard work getting The Comp List ready each week.

vaughan said...

Thanks for your hard work! My family will appreciate it!