Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Comp List 8/07-8/13

Hello, everyone!

It's back to school time! I would put more items on here but I am not sure what is considered a good deal yet on school items.  My son will be in Kindergarten this year so it is our first year purchasing school supplies! Anyway, most stores have sales on back to school stuff right now, so if you are looking for something in particular you might want to browse through the ads.  The links are below.

I wanted to point out something... when I was looking up the ad for Hyvee this week there are some deals that have limits on them.  BUT, the print on my computer is VERY, very tiny and blurry.  I do not get the ads in print so the computer is the only way I can look at them.  So, the limits may be incorrect.  If you plan on purchasing one of these deals you might double check the limits before you go!

And I wanted to let everyone know that I am having a garage sale this Saturday, August 10th! Everything MUST GO.  We are moving and we will have no room for my junk *ahem* "treasures".  Anyway, we will be selling 2 toddler beds, toys, kids clothing, women's clothing, lots of home decor, a mattress and box springs, and pretty much whatever else I can sneak out there.  OH AND FREE KITTENS!!  Check out my flyer below (in the ads section).  And be sure to come see me Saturday from 7:00am-Noon-ish at 1113 Diamond Head Rd. in Ottawa.  Thanks!

Happy Shopping!

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Comp List 8/07-8/13 (PDF)
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