Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hungry Eyes (and hands)

Im not sure if anyone else is aware of the phenomenon that is "hungry hands" or "hungry eyes" (not quite like in the song) but I have become quite familiar with it. Carter has this certain look he gets when its close (or not even anywhere NEAR) feeding time. As I write this, it is 6:15 am and he is STARVING. It has been 2 hours since he ate. I try to make him wait three, but he broke out the hungry hands, so we will see who wins. I got a video of the hungry hands (and notice his hungry mouth, too!) but not hungry eyes. If you dont move out of the way of his food, he will squeeze the life out of you (or scratch you half to death)! Watch out! And remember, this is just a mild case. I would hate for you to see the actual 3-hour mark.


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Beth said...

oh but he's starving to death! he. . must. . have. . milk. . .