Monday, October 13, 2008


So, finally things are moving again to where I actually have a few updates!

Update #1:
Darek and I had talked about getting me new wedding rings one day (the ones we bought were nice (and cheap!), but we planned on replacing them). That's right, I just did parentheses in parentheses. Well, I found a ring that I REALLY liked and with Darek's approval, I purchased it to wear as my wedding ring. Here it is! I LOVE IT! It is just a plain white gold band. Its something you don't usually see and I am not a big fan of diamonds, so everyone who was buying me TONS of diamonds for Christmas, now you know. Exchange them for something else. Sorry.

Update #2:
I haven't been doing much with the whole nail business situation. I decided its time to get things moving again. So here is what is happening in the immediate future: I am going to move my nail stuff from the basement (our basement is super nice, but basements still scare me. And its super cold down there.) to the spare bedroom. The spare bed will be moved (eventually) to the basement. AND the BIG nail news: Duh duh duh dah! I am going to be doing GEL NAILS! I swear if you haven't heard about them yet, you will! They are going to replace acrylic. Anyway, we decided it would be ok for me to invest in it and wool-ah! I should be getting the product any day. I will be an expert soon. I'll keep you posted.
Update #3:
Carter is still EXTREMELY cute.

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Beth said...

cool! I'm glad your doing the nails again, I've always thought you should. Schedule me in while I am there!!