Thursday, January 27, 2011

Couch to 5k

(I think Carter can run for longer than I can.)

I got a text from my BFF Courtney today. "Think you would wanna run a 5k in May?" My response? "Haha, that is hilarious." Me? Run? I don't think so.

But I kept thinking about it. It is for a VERY good cause. But can I seriously run?

I have been exercising on my treadmill for a few weeks now. But each time I try to run I end up in pain or just plain exhausted or thinking I'm having a heart attack. So I speed walk and jog now and then. I guess the main reason I haven't been pushing myself is that I have no goal to work toward (other than wanting to lose weight). I haven't had a reason to really push myself. And this would be a good goal.

BUT I have high cholesterol. Super high. Like 300. And the beginning stages of osteoporosis. By running I would pretty much be asking for a heart attack or a broken hip. But aren't these reason of why I shouldn't run the exact same reasons why I should?

One of my next questions to Courtney was: "Are you going to run the whole thing?" That's 3 miles! That may not seem like a lot to some people (*cough* Beth *cough*). But I seriously can't even run like a quarter of a mile! But she told me to check out this website. It's the Couch to 5K program.

I checked out the first couple weeks to see if I thought it would kill me or not. It didn't seem too life-threatening. So, I will give it a shot. It is an 8 week program. I have like 15 weeks. That means if I feel I cannot move on from a week just yet then I can do it an extra week until I am ready. Perfect.

Only one more thing could save me from this certain death-by-5K. No babysitter. I looked at the calender and discovered that this should be moms weekend off. I called her at work secretly hoping that the schedule would change and she would be on for that Saturday. But nope. She was even nice enough to volunteer to request a day off just so I could do it. Aww, shucks. Thanks, mom.

So, I text Courtney back. "Ill do it."

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Beth said...

you will do great! And maybe you will surprise yourself and decide that running is pretty awesome. :) I'm an addict. I am proud of you!