Sunday, January 23, 2011


I'm feeling spectacular lately. Why?

You see, I have been (prepare yourself...) EXERCISING.

Are you still there? Did you pass out from shock?!?

I know. I've been a bum and have never been one to exercise. And the last time I attempted to I ended up with 2 walking cast things on. Not cool. This time, however, I'm doing it right. Starting out slowly. Wearing proper shoes so I don't break my ankle. Stuff like that.

Anyway. I have also been dieting a bit. I am proud to say I have lost 8lbs since I had kinsley. That puts me a good 3 to 4 lbs under the weight I was before I got pregnant with her. And I feel motivated to keep going- 6 more pounds to my goal weight!

I don't mean to sound like I'm tooting my own horn here, but TOOT TOOT!
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Beth said...

I will toot a horn with you! Way to go! Exercise is essential to mothers I think- the best stress relief.