Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Productive day

We had quite the day yesterday. We got A LOT done. And it was stuff that needed to be done for a while now.

Mom has the perfect place for a pantry. But without shelves in there, it was really just a place to throw stuff. So, yesterday morning we were talking about how nice it would be to have shelves in there. I looked up several different types on Home Depot's website and found some perfect shelves. Inexpensive ($89), easy to assemble, and heavy duty (it holds 3600 lbs!).

I called HD and they had some in stock so we made a quick trip to Lawrence. We got the shelves (3 of them), went and got groceries and then headed home to assemble our purchases.

It took about an hour to assemble the 3 sets of shelves- each set has 6 shelves. Not bad in my opinion! And no tools required. Even better.

We got the shelves into the former utility room and woolah! a pantry! (See pic above)

Then, after supper I decided that the garden needed a little tlc. Risking my life, I decided to weed and hoe the garden. (I could have seen a worm, had a heart attack and croaked.)

I ended up doing more than I had originally intended. And I am paying for it today. I can barely open my right hand (see other pic), and every,muscle is sore. Who knew that hoe-ing the garden works your abs??

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