Friday, July 08, 2011

Happiness is...

...spraying everyone with the garden hose on a hot summer day.

...snack time. Even if it is cabinets you are snacking on.

But seriously, I feel like we have been happier than ever lately. And you know why? Because we are poor.


I never thought that would make us so happy. Who really WANTS to be poor? For us, it just kind of happened. It was totally our own fault. I feel like in our society, you get married, buy a house, have kids, get new cars, have new clothes, go on vacations, etc. Basically, spend beyond your means. And that is what we did. We got married. We bought a house, a new car, had kids, and spent, spent spent. Or charged it, charged it, charged it. (And we spent some for something we prob shouldn't have spent our own money on. But that's a whole 'nother story.)

Then we found ourselves in a pickle. We were struggling each month to make all of our payments. I would choose which bill I thought could be a month late so we could pay another one.

Darek and I decided to try to sell our house to make things work. We sold it and moved in with my parents. And we still had no extra money. It made me wonder how we made it as long as we did!

Now, we use all of our money for groceries, to pay of bills and go towards our savings. I make sure our bank account is as close to nothing as possible each week- that means we have put as much as we can in savings or in a payment. So far, we have paid off (and this may be too much info to put out, but since Beth is like my only reader I feel ok about it!) $700 from having Kinsley, a $3000 home depot card, a $1000 Sam's club card, a $1500 Best Buy card, a big chunk on our regular card and prob more that I am forgetting at the moment. We have also got a good start on our savings.

So, we are happy. We are happy that we are getting out of debt. We are happy to pay cash for anything that we may need. We are happy to save for a future home. And most of all, we are just happy to be poor.

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P.S. I LOVE to take ads into Wal-mart and they will, of course, match it. So, the other day I bought 25 bottles of powerade for Darek to take to work, saline solution, eye makeup remover, a case of water, several tv dinners, lots of cheese, my breakfast bars and a ton of other stuff for only $60. I was pretty impressed with myself.


Beth said...

You guys are doing great paying everything off. And you are right, money doesn't make happiness!

Jennifer T. said...

Beth is not the only one who reads your blogs. I enjoy them a lot. We are getting out of debt too and sometimes it feels impossible, but little milestones help us keep going. We are done with credit card debt, just working on student loans that seem like they will never end.