Sunday, August 14, 2011


(Kinsley being cute)

(Kinsley emptying her brother's toy bins. That one is trouble.)

(Carter Daniel on the day we opened his very first bank account)

I had been pressuring Carter to poop on the potty. This would inevitably lead to him withholding his poo, constipation, stomache aches, laxitives and the cycle would restart.

Then, I decided I was going to stop. He is only 3- its not the end of the world if he poops in a pull-up. Besides he goes pee in the potty so that is a pretty big accomplishment.

So, for a few weeks I wouldn't say a word about him pooping. When he asked if he could have a pull-up on so he could poop I would put one on his little booty and clean up the "mess" afterwards. He started going everyday again and things were back to normal.

Then 2 nights ago at approximately (ok, exactly) 11:30pm, he woke up and couldn't sleep. Drinks of water were had, his back was sufficiently scratched, and still no sign of sleep. I was getting quite irritated at this point when he said that he had to go pee. I was pretty sure this was a ploy to push me over the edge into crazyville. (And with all the ruckus going on, Kinsley woke up so I now had two kids awake.)

I told Darek that Carter had to pee and he had to take him while I dealt with the other maniac. And, unless you are a parent also, this may be TMI. But he sat on the potty, pee'd, gave a good grunt and Hallelujah! There was #2 in the potty. So, even though it was super late, I was tired and frustrated and Darek was dreading the prospect of work the next day on no sleep, we made a big hoorah about him pooping in the toilet.

It was a fluke. It just had to be- he probably grunted too hard and it just happened. Bur it happened nonetheless.

Last night, here we were: bed time again. I was having trouble getting the kids to sleep. The clock seemed to be working against me. It was staring at me with its green numbers, mocking me. 10:58, 11:10, 11:45. And just as I think everyone is asleep, Carter sits up. He wants to watch tv. He wants s drink. His back itches. No tv, back scratched and one drink later, he was still up.

"Carter, do you need to pee?"
"Yet." (Carter speak for yes- 's' doesn't come out so well.)

He gets on the toilet and does the #1. Then he sits there for another minute and goes #2. Like he has been doing it for years.

I was thrilled. He was so proud of himself. Now, we only have to figure out how to move "poop time" a bit earlier than midnight.

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