Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Comp List 1/30-2/05

Hello, everyone!

I just wanted to quickly remind everyone of the different ways you can get the comp list.  It takes a while to get the list all sent out (the program I use takes about 48 hours or so to get it sent to all 4,500 people) so it may not be until Friday or so before some of you receive it.  If you are needing it before then, you can access it two different ways.  You can go to my blog ( and print it or view it from there.  I post it there as soon as I am done making the list so it is usually on there by around noon on Wednesdays.  I also post a link on Facebook on my profile (  Hopefully these other options will help you out if you need it before you receive it in your email!  (You will still get it in your email, too, these are just extra options in case you need it earlier!)

I am continuing to work on updating the store policies for the area stores.  It is REALLY difficult to actually get to speak to the store managers!!  I should be done with it soon, though!

Happy shopping!

 Emily Graves




Moons (1/30-2/05):
Baldwin City Market (1/30-2/05):

Walgreens (1/27-2/02):



Marigene said...

Thanks again for posting the list each week...I see lots of people using your list each week!

Marie said...

Thank you for doing this for the good of others, it has to be a lot of work :)