Friday, June 11, 2010

Boy or girl?

When I was pregnant with Carter I really did not care whether I was going to have a boy or girl. I just wanted a healthy baby. And so I had a maniac boy. Well, I wish I could say that again I am impartial as to what the sex of this baby will be. But, as hard as I try, I find myself hoping for a little girl. Why? I'm not quite sure. We have had a great time with Carter and little boys are so much fun. Plus, we KNOW we make EXTREMELY cute boys. But a little girl sounds so fun! And I keep trying to make myself believe that this will be a girl (but my gut says boy). Then tonight I went to get crab rangoon from China Palace. The lady there asked if I was having a boy or girl. I said that we don't know yet. So she says "Ooooh, look like boy to me." So we shall see. 2 weeks from Monday.

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