Wednesday, June 02, 2010

My lovely baby bump, check it out

Last night we had a dance party. By "we" I mean Darek, Carter and I. We played some songs to shake your booty to. This included "My Humps" by Fergie. (I actually can't remember if it was during her solo part or if it was Black Eyed Peas, but I digress.) It has been stuck in my head ever since, and of course the title of this post has that to thank.

I am actually not really feeling like I have a lovely baby bump. Sure its cute now and then. But the ever so often belly comments make it hard to like it. Let me give some examples: "Are you sure there is just one baby in there?" That one is most often delivered by people I know well. "You are due WHEN?" Meaning you think I am much larger than I should be. "Whoa, you have a long way to go!" Also meaning that I am larger than you think I should be.

But, really, who judges how big a pregnant woman should be? I have never received any of these comments from a fellow pregnant woman, or recently postpartum. I would say they would have the most right as they are experiencing the same thing/just went through pregnancy. But most of the comments come from older (than me) people. And when a stranger says one of those grit-my-teeth-and-smile comments, about 85% of the time it is an overweight person. I can always think of lots of snarky comebacks, but my nerve escapes me and I just smile.

I constantly try to think of ways to word it when people ask me how far along I am. I am almost 17 weeks. That one is usually followed by one of the comments. I may start using "I am 5 months" because technically I am- I am through with 4 full months and am starting my 5th. Or maybe "I've been pregnant for 2856 hours".
That might confuse people enough to shut them up for a bit. :)
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Beth said...

me gusto your frequent posting as of late. and your lovely baby bump.