Friday, September 10, 2010

Not Gonna Happen

(My cankle after a long day yesterday. )

I'm having a hard time getting out of bed this morning. Like, seriously. I usually am pretty much a morning person and can get right up and get going. I'm the type that HATES laying in bed after the alarm clock goes off- I feel the need to get up and get going.

But not this morning. I nudged Darek a sufficient number of times to guarantee that he was awake and then I just stayed in bed. Carter woke up and went to help daddy take a bath (someone has to hand him his towel or get him soap if he is out, and Carter is the perfect person for the job). And still, I was in bed.

Darek then gets done getting ready for the day, plays with Carter some and then him and Carter went downstairs. I figured I HAD to get up then- a 2 year old downstairs + a mom upstairs = some sort of disaster will happen.

I did make it out of bed. Got my contacts in, crazy hair into a pony tail so that way my husband won't have that lovely picture of me in his head when he goes to work. And then I decided to go on a breakfast strike. I will eat breakfast, and make it occasionally, but on mornings like this, its not happening. Its the 31-weeks-pregnant-i-NEED-rest-breakfast-strike.

Luckily mom is on her way to pick up Carter for the day (I get to go waitress again today- just like yesterday and the day before- hence the swollen ankles). One quick call to her and breakfast is on its way. :)

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Beth said...

get some rest lady! can't wait to see you sooN!