Thursday, September 02, 2010


(Yummy treats from Nana's Fudge-N-Stuff)

I have found my new favorite store! Its a little shop here in Ottawa called Nana's Fudge-n-stuff. Its heaven. I've heard of it before but never been there. Its this tiny little place FILLED with truffles and fudge and cookies and candies. My kind of place!

So, I decided to go there for the first time today. I may have to go back tomorrow. I purchased 3 medium size sugar cookies (you should see the large ones!), one no bake cookie for Darek, a peanut butter rice krispy treat, some peanut butter fudge and a sucker. It came to $9- not bad! Anyway, the cookies are AMAZING, hence the need to go back tomorrow.

Don't you love it when you find places like that?!?

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