Friday, September 17, 2010


I am tired. You know how I know? Well, not just because my eye bags have their own eye bags, or because my eyes are permanently bloodshot nowadays. But, mainly by the fact that I feel so tired that I just don't quite know if ill have energy to breathe for the entire day.

Today, I sat on mom's couch. She chased Carter around and I sat there. I got up and got a water every now and then (or got rid of the water if you know what I mean) and that was it. Oh, well, I did get up to eat. But, mostly I sat there.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have more motivation to do something. Anything. (Including chasing my child wherever he wants to go.) Wish me luck (and while you are at it, can you wish the last 7 weeks to go by quickly?!?).

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Emily said...

See? I'm so tired I posted it twice! And I bet that by the time I can make it to my computer I will forget! Ugh.

Beth said...

is it only 7 weeks?? I know- it seems like forever to you. It always seems sooooo much longer to the pregnant one. Everyone elses pregnancy's seem to fly by while mine creep along.