Tuesday, March 08, 2011

On My Own

I've decided to abandon the C25K program.

It worked great in the beginning, but it get's a little wierd as you get toward the end. Like last week it had me run 3 sets of 5 minute runs, then something like 5 min, 8 min, 5 min runs the next day and then on the third day I was supposed to do a 20 minute run.

This week was more of the same. It had 2 regular days and then the third day was a 25 minute run. And I am just not quite there yet. So, I decided to venture out on my own.

(And just FYI, I did do a workout the other day, I just didnt get to post about it- I worked out, showered, went shopping, went to Bryce's first Birthday party, then hosted a SURPRISE party for Darek. It was a very tiring day.)

Last night was my first "alone" night. No more Ms Potts telling me I only have 1 more minute to go. And you know what? It actually went better.

I didn't have a plan when I got on, other than just run as much as I could with short walks in between. I did a 5 minute warm-up walk then began jogging. I jogged for a WHOLE 15 MINUTES! That is like double what I have been able to do so far! I was excited. That was something like 1.25 miles, and I have never ran that far at once in my life.

I then walked for a few minutes and jogged, then walked some more when I needed to. I decided my new exercise plan is to do 3 miles each workout and just make sure that my time is better each time. That sounds a lot better to me!

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