Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Repeat of Week 5 Day 2

(I repeated the last workout)
I was brave today. I didn't want to wait until 8pm to run today so I decided to attempt it while watching both children. Eek! It wasn't too bad- I turned on Dora the Explorer for Carter and he played with his toys. I put Kinsley in her bouncy seat and sat it right by the treadmill so she could still see me. She did pretty good- I made it throught the first 8 minute run before she got kind of mad again. I reached over during the 5 minute walk and bounced her back to sleep.
For some reason I have had a VERY difficult time with this particular workout. I can make it through the 8 minute run, of course I can make it through the walk, but i just CANNOT make it through the second 8 minute run! I only make it about 4 minutes before I have to take a walk break. So, I will try to do it yet another time and then move on. My next workout is supposed to be a 20 minute run. Yeah, right. How am I supposed to do that when I can't make it through 8 minutes?!? Like I said, I will do this one again, then if I'm ready to move on at that point I will just try my best at the 20 minute run and then move on.

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