Saturday, March 19, 2011

What I've been up to

I am still attempting to jog. I did have one major delay in my progress: the common cold. Except it wasn't so common. It has lasted 2 weeks so far. And I have a lingering nasty cough still.

While I was sick I tried twice to run, but gave up pretty quickly into it both times. I also tried again this morning since I am feeling a bit better. I made it a bit more but then my cough attack started so I had to stop. So, hopefully in the next few days I shall be able to return to it like normal again. Hopefully I didn't lose too much of my progress. For now here are some cute kid pics:

Kinsley enjoying her first day outside since she was born. Its been cold and nasty ever since, so it was quite the experience for her! (She LOVED it!)
Soaking up some sun

And having a snack of lady fingers (haha, thats funny.)

Carter "Hee Hawing"

Kinsley wearing a super cute headband that I made her

Carter likes to "fix" my hair. To do this, he has to sit on my head.

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