Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week 5 day 2 = FAIL :(

(Week 5 day 2 was a 5 minute warm-up walk, an 8 minute run, 5 minute walk, 8 minute run then a cool down walk)

Today's workout didn't go so well. And by "didn't go so well" I mean it went terrible.

I started out strong. 5 minute warm-up walk and then the dreaded 8 minute jog. I was really proud of myself when I made it all the way through the jog. Then came the next 5 minute walk. I really didn't want to start jogging after that.

When Ms. Potts (is that right, Beth?) told me to start jogging in her English accent, or whatever accent it is, I kinda felt like punching her in the face. Or in my iPod, technically. Oh, wait. I forgot a part. Let me go back just a bit....

While I was doing the 5 minute walk I had some visitors. You see, I am a closet exerciser. I don't want to be seen or bothered while I am exercising. Especially when it is my ONLY time alone all day. Yet Carter felt like trying to lay down on the treadmill as I was doing my second 5 minute walk. I felt like I had to constantly watch where he was at because he was always attempting to stick some body part on the belt of the treadmill. And Darek saw this time as an opportunity to sit on our bed and talk on the phone. WHERE I WAS EXERCISING. So, I had lots of visitors tonight.

Ok, done with the back story. Did I mention I hate having visitors while exercising? I thought so. I finished the 5 minute walk hoping that the visitors would be gone by the time I had to jog, but no such luck. So I start jogging. I made it about 3 minutes into the jog and had to drag the younger visitor out of the room after repeatedly telling him to not put body parts on the belt. At that point, I was a bit irritated (quite the understatement!) and sat and waited for the older visitor to come watch the younger one so I could finish in PEACE.

I jogged another few minutes then gave up all together. I was frustrated and just DONE. I guess I will try again in 2 days.

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