Thursday, February 17, 2011

Same old, same old.

(still on the week 3 workout)

Ever have the feeling there are not enough hours in the day? Seriously, where did today go??

From the moment I woke up, it has been changing diapers, feeding children, entertaining children, more diapers, nap time for children, more food, play, diapers, snacks, play, supper, tv time and then hustling to get ready for bed time. Oh yeah, I did manage to exercise in there. Just barely though (and I had to miss some of my favorite show to make time).

I am trying to give Carter more of a schedule. I made a "Good Boy Board" to help us out some. There is this ride-on toy he wants from Wal-mart, so we are using that as incentive. There are 4 categories on the board: Pick up toys, go to bed on time, pee on the potty, and poop on the potty. Each time he does one of those things he gets a sticker on the board. 25 stickers in each category = the ride-on toy.

So far, it's going well. Carter had been going to bed at like 1130. it was a mess. So I wanted to change that. Now, at 9 he gets his jammies on (or bath if it's bath night), brushes his teeth, then we read books, he gets a bit of tv time, then lights off at 10. I know that sounds late by most peoples' standards, bur it is a vast improvement! And I managed to take a 2 second shower which i consider a luxury because I wasn't trying to fight him to get him to sleep!

Anyway, exercise went well tonight. No breaks- I completed the workout. I don't think I am ready for next week yet (it has a couple 3 min runs and a couple 5 min runs- EEEK!). I might do one more day of week 3 and then move on. We will see!

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Beth said...

you can do it you can do it put a little power to it!
(did you you to sing that in grade school? If not it probably makes no sense.)

but really, you can! You are doing awesome.