Sunday, April 24, 2011

An Easter to Remember

Oh my goodness. What a weekend!

Friday we packed up and drove to Solomon to spend Easter with Darek's parents and his brother. We got into town around 3 and immediately took Carter to an "Easter Egg hunt" but it was really just follow the Eggs to 75,000 pounds of candy. He had a blast. We finished the day off with pizza and laughs.

Saturday morning I woke up and Darek's mom, his brother and I went to the fitness club in Abilene so they could check it out and so I could jog. I jogged 4 miles straight. LOVE IT.

We then went home, I showered then Darek, his brother and I decided why not go get tattoos? Darek and I have been meaning to get our wedding rings tattoo'd on for the longest time. BUT most tattoo artists will not tattoo on fingers. Finally, we found one that would. After about 20 minutes of him trying to talk us out of it (apparently he thinks its a jinx and we are now going to get divorced because we got these tattoos. I don't believe in that.) he finally helped us out. Darek just wanted 2 lines instead of a solid band and I didnt really care what I got because I was just happy to be getting it, so I got the same thing. I love it. Permanent wedding rings! (Yay! Because I don't wear much jewelry so this is perfect!)

We then went back and relaxed for the evening and who knows what else- at this point I'm so tired I can't really remember what we did! Eek.

This morning we woke up, got all gussied up and went to church. Carter kept going "PSSSST!" to the people in front of us during the quietest moments. Yikes. We then had a late breakfast, Carter went and saw some fire trucks, we had a big lunch, easter egg hunt, drive, supper... Oy.

Anyway, that was pretty much it. I think.

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Beth said...

kinsley is getting so big! what a busy but good weekend! I need to call you this week for sure. love kinsleys dress. my friends have their wedding rings tatooed and they are not divorced so I think you are safe. :0)