Tuesday, April 26, 2011

That's it!

(This picture has nothing to do with this post really- but gosh he is cute!)

I've been thinking a lot lately. About all kinds of stuff. Mainly what I want to be when I grow up.

I haven't really had a desire to go back to school in a long time. I went not too terribly long ago (well, I guess before I had Carter...) and finished my Associates Degree. And that has been enough, until now.

I could never think of what I would want to do as a career. But then I thought of it! Duh! Something that sounds exciting and fun to me, rewarding and something I can help others with. I would really like to major in Spanish.

This sounds somewhat insane to me, just a little. But if I can make it work I would love to work in Lawrence as an interpretor, helping Spanish speaking people do basic daily things that they need help with in an English speaking community. And I thought of something else: I would like to volunteer to help people who want to learn English learn it. That would be so rewarding.

So, Im going to check into things and see what I can do. Wish me luck!

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