Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter!!

I'm still alive.

Just thought you might be wondering since I don't blog everyother day anymore! Here's what I've been up to:

I went and got a few more highlights put in my hair. And some bangs cut. I needed just a bit of a change and that seemed like the perfect thing. Love them so far.

Still running. Tonight I ran 3.5 miles STRAIGHT. FYI- I am no longer happy just doing 3.1 miles, so I do 4 miles every other day. Tonight I ran 3.5 miles, walked .25 and then sprinted .25. Good times.

Tomorrow we are heading to Solomon to have Easter with Darek's family. I will take lots of pics, forget to post them for about a month, and then will post them. So look here in a month for Easter pics.

I've also been making lots of hair clips. I'm going to send some to my super cute nieces and my sister-in-law. I think they will love them! I'm also going to try to start selling some.

I think thats it for now! Happy Easter!!

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