Monday, April 04, 2011

Busy weekend!

This run was actually from 4/1. I've been too busy since then to post about it! I did the run Friday night, then Saturday I had to go get groceries and the usual Saturday morning routine of haircuts and all that jazz. Then Saturday night Darek, Courtney, Stan and I went out for dinner, drinks and bowling. It was a ton of fun. And then yesterday the weather was AMAZING (a bit windy, but beggars can't be choosers). It was 88 out but the wind was blowing 40 mph! It blew in quite the storm last night. And that brings me to today when I have finally found time to post. Anyway, this run was great. I try to push myself a bit more each time and I kept a goal in my head on this one: I wanted to run 2 miles. I really didnt know if I would make it or not. So, I paced myself and when I thought I was going to die I slowed down just a bit more (still jogging, though). I ran for the 2 miles and 27 straight minutes (7 minutes past my longest time). This makes me really proud that I am making it that far/long, but also a bit nervous. I try to do better each time and I keep doing so well that I'm afraid that I wont be able to do as well the next time. Oh well, I guess that happens once in a while so I should just expect it now and then. My next run: sometime today (if the stars align just so and I can get my children to nap at the same time. Har har).

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